Grade Level Programs & Curriculum

Below is a brief summary of the Adventures grade level programs

Infants & Toddlers

 We believe the Infants & Toddlers learn by experiencing the environment through their senses, by physically moving around, and through satisfying social interactions.  An appropriate amount of stimulation through play, rich dialogue, exploration, and music are provided and a change of activity will occur at frequent intervals.

The Toddler program encourages the child's language development, gross motor and small motor skills.  Self-discipline, cooperation, creativity, curiousity, and independence are fostered through indoor and outdoor play activities, exploration of manipulative toys, and books.  Our teachers assist children in channeling their abilities.  Art and music are an intergral part of the program.

2-3 and 3-4 Year Olds

The two & three year olds’ programs are designed to help the child develop concepts and language skills necessary for future learning through listening to stories, retelling events, and dramatic play with puppets, music, and movement. A variety of play and art materials give the children a chance to explore. Building with blocks, painting, collage, murals, and constructing with different materials develop the child’s small motor and problem solving skills, and enhance their sense of creativity and self-expression. Daily writing exercises introduce the three’s to creating letters.

Adventures 4-year-old Preschool Program

The Adventures in Learning  Pre-school curriculum introduces more advanced fields of study.  At the core of our curriculum lies the assumption that all children are inherently inquisitive.    Through appropriate stimulation and encouragement, Adventures in Learning seeks to instill a love of learning in every child.  Our Preschool Program is designed specifically for children aged four to five. The curriculum introduces children to basic concepts in math, reading/literacy, handwriting, science, art, music and other fields.  The program is meant to provide children with a positive preparation and a readiness to embark on a lifelong journey of learning.

The four year old child is ready to explore concepts in reading, math readiness, science and social studies as well as the continued growth of language and physical development skills. Beginning phonics instruction is introduced when the child is ready for this skill. The four year olds curiosity, independence, and self-confidence is fostered through play activities. Manipulative toys, art, music, and field trips enhance the child’s understanding and enjoyment of all that they are learning.

4K - Four Year Old Kindergarten Program

 The 4K program focuses on the development of fine and gross motor skills, socialization, early literacy (reading and writing), problem solving, creativity and a few other areas. These basic abilities form the foundation of the subsequent kindergarten program.  In addition, we seek to convey to these young children basic values such as compassion, self-reliance and respect for diversity. The 4K program lays the groundwork for a successful future.

The 4k program is designed specifically for children aged four to five.  The curriculum follows Creative Curriculum adopted by the Waunakee Community School District.  The curriculum addresses the developmental needs of this age group using Creative Curriculum.

The 4K Program emphasizes fine and gross motor skills, socialization and self-discovery. The curriculum eases chldren into the wonderful world of learning through play and other activities.

After School Program

School program is for chldren who need after-school care.  The program also is a full day program when Waunakee Schools are not in session.

Our Curriculum Reflects Our Values

At Adventures in Learning,  we strive to provide each individual child with an environment that encourages self-discovery and a commitment to learning. Children are encouraged to learn how to solve problems, release their creativity and build social skills. All in all, our curriculum lays the foundation for a lifetime of learning and for future learning. We have developed a curriculum that meets state licensing requirements and offers a high degree of flexibility.  In keeping with our philosophy of an all-inclusive approach to early childhood education, curriculum components are age-specific and can be adjusted to meet the needs of children at varying stages of development.
The Adventures in Learning curriculum is divided into five parts: Infant/Toddler,Two Year Olds, Preschool, After-school and the 4K program, (Four-year old kindergarten sponsored by the Waunakee Community School District). The Infant/Toodler groups through age 4 learn by experiencing the environment through their senses, by physically moving around, and through satsifying social interaction.  Pre-school curriculum is meant for kids aged three to five and covers areas such as literacy, math, science, art, music and foreign language. The 4K curriculum (Creative Curriculum) is a play-based program designed to hone social/emotional skills, indoor and outdoor play groups, sensory/cognitive exercises and more.

During the school year, the after school curriculum focuses on outdoor/physical play, as well as indoor projects planned based on the children's interests. In summer, more curriculum is added as well as field trips.

Limited Space Available

Limited Enrollment Available for 2022-2023.
Adventures in Learning presently has limited space availability in selected age-groups.  Call (608) 850-5430 or stop for a visit to learn about availability.

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